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June 6, 201

Water to Whiskey 5K Results - Youth, Beauty, and Girls Rule

On a beautiful blue sky day in Southwest Montana, youth and beauty won out.  Runners from ages 5 to 83 flocked to the 23rd Annual Madison River Run, better known as the Water to Whiskey 5K, in Ennis.  Following the race, Willies Distillery welcomed everyone to their annual Spring Pig Roast.  This is a free event hosted by Robin and Willie Blazer for the entire community of Montana.   And Montana showed up.   The wonderful staff of Willies Distillery served over 900 thankful guests. 


Reagan Colyer, the newest resident of Ennis and the news reporter at the Madisonian, proved to all that girls do indeed rule by kicking every boy's butt on the course.  Reagan crossed in a time of 18:52 which was nearly 30 seconds ahead of Bozeman's Paul Jones who won the men's division.  Master's Champions Kyle Klickir and Nikki Kimball held up their end of the bargain for the not-as-young category.



The Winners


Overall Champion - Women

Reagan Colyer - 18:52

Runner up - Jennifer Gilbert - 21:45


Overall Champion - Men

Paul Jones - 20:20

Runner up - Travis Wilson - 20:29


Overall Masters Champion - Women

Nikki Kimball - 22:43

Runner up - Lynda Andros Clay - 23:13


Overall Masters Champion - Men

Kyle Klickir - 21:24

Runner up - Eric Huff - 22:01


The final race results are posted here.  There was a mix up about two-thirds into the race so some runners' time may not be exact. We were using a new timing system. Please contact us with any questions or disputes and we'll figure it out.  The link below will open an MS Excel sheet.  Select 'Open' for the document to see the results.  If you do not have MS Excel or are unable to open the link, let us know and we'll figure out a Plan B.





The Water to Whiskey 5K was the first race of the six-race Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series (GYAS).  Next up is the 7th Annual Madison Duathlon on July 8.  This is a bike/run race that starts in Ennis and finishes in Virginia City.


This first race was also an opportunity to spread the word about the GYAS Public Lands campaign.   The GYAS has commissioned two artists - Karen Savory and Allison McGree - to produce the designs that will go on the race shirts for the Madison Marathon and the Big Sky Marathon.  These designs were on display at the race and some draft images are posted below.  More details will follow within the month of June.



Nick Gevock (on the left) from the Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF).


Special thanks go out to our volunteer crew for this year's Water to Whiskey 5K race.  These wonderful people include Elena Korsmoe, Lynda Andros Clay, Chris Clay, Dillon Williams, Ruth Redfield, Max Trapp, and Dennis Spensely and Nick Gevock from the Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF).  The MWF is our public lands campaign partner for 2018.  Founded in 1936, the MWF is the oldest conservation group in Montana.  They go to bat for Montanans every year in the State Legislature as well as Washington D.C.  God Speed MWF.


These days it often seems like there are a gazillion reasons to be pessimistic.  In Montana, however, there are also a gazillion reasons to be optimistic.  We have community.  We have viewsheds that extend for a hundred miles.  We have citizens like Robin and Willie Blazer who cook and serve lunch for 900 people for free.  We live in a state that has 40 percent of its land under public ownership which means IT'S OUR LAND.  We have the GYAS which has five more races for the summer of 2018 which means five more opportunities to turn corners, give thanks, and love life.  


Yeah, we can bitch and moan all day long, or we can seize the day and do what we can to make everyone's life a little bit better than yesterday.  All of us at the GYAS are going to do the latter.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and Keep Running Forward and we'll see you at the Madison Duathlon on July 8.





p.s. Here's a sneak peek at our Public Lands campaign.  The op-ed will give you the background. The art work will be part of the shirt designs for the Madison Marathon and the Big Sky Marathon.  More professional photos, and auction details, will be posted soon.

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