July 24, 2018

The Vermont Invasion - Double Marathon Weekend of Champions (and course records!)

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Vanessa Garlick (Madison Marathon and Big Sky Marathon Champion) and Kevin Hartstein (Madison Marathon runner-up and Big Sky Marathon Champion)


Vermont America Sets Course Records


Three course records set at Montana's only Double Marathon Weekend


What a weekend!  Beautiful blue sky, not too hot, a slight wind to keep the very pesky bugs away (if only for a moment or two), wonderful volunteers who stepped up when needed, free beer at the finish line, and three, count 'em baby, THREE, new course records set.


Life is beautiful.   Montana's only double marathon weekend was totally kick ass!


Prior to this weekend, what I knew about the state of Vermont was pretty much the following:


  • Pretty leaves

  • Leafers, the name for people who drive around small country roads to see the pretty leaves

  • Maple syrup (but that might be New Hampshire)

  • The state where a lot of Northeasterners ski

  • The state from which when I bitch about icy skiing conditions on a Montana ski hill they go on and on about the incredible powder conditions of Montana

  • Bernie Sanders

I obviously don't know much about Vermont.  I certainly didn't know the state has some incredible distance runners. 


Vanessa Garlick, the soon-to-be-Doctor from Vermont (she just completed her medical residency), not only won the double marathon this past weekend.  She set course records at both events - the 11th Annual Madison Marathon and the 4th Annual Big Sky Marathon.  Kevin Hartstein, also from Vermont, had a runner up finish at the 11th Annual Madison Marathon and then won the next day at the 4th Annual Big Sky Marathon and set a new course record on the route.  


There's a kicker, and it's an "aaahhhhhh, that's so beautiful" part of the story.  Just a few days before the Madison Marathon, Kevin proposed and Vanessa said yes.  What a way to start a life together!  Congratulations to both of you!


Not to be forgotten, Adam Sepulveda from Bozeman, Montana won the 11th Annual Madison Marathon.  He didn't set a course record, but he did have the 6th fastest time ever on the Madison route.  Not too shabby!  Good job, Adam.


On the half marathon side, we had winners from kids to old guys.   The kid, Jessica Raty from Billings, Montana, won the 11th Annual Madison Half Marathon for the women.  An old guy (and a friend so I can call him 'old'), Jeff Millsap from Virginia City, Montana won the 4th Annual Big Sky Half Marathon for the men.  John Wallace from Missoula, Montana and Nancy Robinson from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts won the 11th Annual Madison Half Marathon and 4th Annual Big Sky Half Marathon for the men and women respectively.  Worth mentioning is that the women's overall runner-up and Master's Champion at the Madison Half Marathon, Emily Keip from Oak Park, Illinois, celebrated her 40th birthday on race day.  Quite a cool birthday present.


Incredible runs by all.  Congratulations!!















Men's Marathon Champion 


Adam Sepulveda - Bozeman, Montana ------------- 3:16:44


Runner Up - Kevin Hartstein - Montpelier, Vermont ------ 3:23:19 


Women's Marathon Champion 


Vanessa Garlick - Montpelier, Vermont ----------- 3:44:50*

Runner Up - Amanda Cooper - Pocatello, Idaho ----------- 4:25:53




Men's Half Marathon Champion 


John Wallace - Missoula, Montana ----------------- 1:58:54


Runner Up - Kyle McGree - Butte, Montana ----------------1:59:24


Women's Half Marathon Champion 


Jessica Raty - Billings, Montana -------------------- 1:52:10


Runner Up - Emily Keip - Oak Park, Illinois -------------- 2:10:24 


* New Course Record (previous record of 3:49:12 set in 2013)
















Men's Marathon Champion 

Kevin Hartstein - Montpelier, Vermont --------- 2:55:55*


Runner Up - Steven Burdick - Sioux Falls, South Dakota -3:43:50  


Women's Marathon Champion 


Vanessa Garlick - Montpelier, Vermont -------- 3:30:46**


Runner Up - Lynda Andros-Clay - Bozeman, Montana ---- 4:00:33




Men's Half Marathon Champion 


Jeff Millsap - Virginia City, Montana ---------------- 1:42:27


Runner Up - Ian Kamm - Toronto Ontario, Canada --------- 2:08:30


Women's Half Marathon Champion 

Nancy Robinson - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts --- 1:44:50


Runner Up - Lynn Malie - Golden, Colorado ---------------- 1:51:38


* New Course Record (previous record of 2:57:18 set in 2015)


** New Course Record (previous record of 3:34:34 set in 2016)


The race results for everyone and for both races are being tabulated and formatted.  These will be sent out within this week.  They will also be posted on our website and submitted to Marathon Guide, Running in the USA, and other race websites.


Before you see your results, I have a favor to ask of all of you.  For the past few years, we have been working with Race Raves.  This is a website that publishes race reviews, lists races, and stores race times for runners among other services.  They are on top of their game.


Please take a few minutes and write a review of your race experience.   We need the feedback and I want others to know what you experienced.  


Madison Marathon Race Review

Big Sky Marathon Race Review



One more favor.  If any of you would like to share your favorite photos of the races, please email them to me.  I'll credit you as photographer if we use them in future newsletters.  I want to include several race day photos along with the race results.  


Thank you all for joining and being part of the GreaterYellowstone Adventure Series community.  


I want to say a special thank you to all our volunteers.  These incredible people include Mark Siegel, Jed Fitch and his kids Darby and Finn, Elena Korsmoe, the staff of Willies Distillery, John and Steve from Ennis, Brett Zundell and Amy from Idaho Falls, and Matt A from Colorado.  Special kudos and thanks go out to Max Trapp.  Max not only got up really, really early for a teenager, but he stepped up big time to help injured runners two days in a row.  Max drove a family from Missouri down off the Madison Marathon route to the hospital because one of the runners got nailed by the elevation and dehydration.  The very next day, Max drove a runner from Alabama to the hospital who had stumbled and broke her arm on the Big Sky route.  Max, you 'da Man!  Thank you so much.


We still have two races in the GYAS for 2018.  The 7th Annual Madison Triathlon is on August 4 and the 2nd Annual Tour de Gravelly is on August 5.  Sign up today and repeat the magic of Montana's Double Marathon Weekend.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and Always Keep Running Forward because that's what we are meant to do.


Sam and Colter 

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