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The Hall of Fame for the Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series is a collection of rare individuals.  These are people who have truly taken life by the horns and made the best of whatever a Higher Power has given them.  If they were given a sack of lemons in life, they made lemonade and sometimes threw in a shot of hooch to spice the drink up.  If they had bad knees, feet, back, etc…, they bought an ace bandage and ran anyway because they knew you can put ice on anything (including in your lemonade drink) and things would get better.  If they had a health issue, they got it fixed and ran anyway because a puny-ass thing like cancer won’t stop them.   They also always remembered from where they came and why they were put on this earth.  Above all else, they are consistent people.  They show up.  They toe the line.  They do extraordinary things and they really do make it look easy.  Even when they make it look hard, they make it look easy.

So, how does this happen?  How do you choose these ‘rare individuals?’  What’s the criteria?

Admittedly, we are making this up as we go along a bit, but in general we will have three criteria for admission to the Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series Hall of Fame.  The past participants of any of our events and a select group of others will each have a vote, one time per year, for that year’s Hall of Fame class.   The nominees who have the most votes above a certain threshold are in.  We’ll share the methodology with everyone as it happens.  The three key criteria, with each criteria given an equal weight, are as follows:

Community – We want to know about the nominees’ life outside of athletics.  Let’s learn about the kind of individuals they are back home and in their home community among their friends and family. What has this person done for his/her community when not competing in an athletic event?  What have they done to try and make the world a better place?

Accomplishment – The Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series is an athletic event series.  Therefore, there should be some kind of accomplishment that is athletic in nature. This doesn’t necessarily mean victories, but true athletic accomplishments that pushed the person(s) across the finish line in a rare and unusual manner.  What is this accomplishment and why is it rare?

Consistency – There is so much to be said for the person who just keeps showing up.  They have a consistency of purpose and a desire to grind things out no matter what because they believe in what they are doing.  This, on its own merits, probably deserves entry into some kind of Hall of Fame.   How is this person consistent?  How has this consistency revealed itself?  How has this level of consistency made the world a better place and made this person(s) a rare individual?

At the end of the summer in 2016, we will introduce the inaugural nominees. If you want to nominate someone, please do. We will provide a narrative of about 250 words on each nominee and then we’ll let you decide.  We hope you will engage with this process as seriously as you do in preparing for your races.  These are rare individuals.  They deserve and have earned our respect.

Thanks in advance for taking part.

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